Thursday, 17 July 2008

photo finish

acrylic on paper 5x7" sold

The finish of stage 11 was ever so close, it was hard to see with the shadows and sponsor markings on the road.
but in the end it was Arvensen,Elmiger than Ballan.

The yellow is still close too,1 sec in the lead!
let's hope the Alps shake things up...
hate to see the tour be decided by the last time trial.

Ricco's 2 stage wins,were indeed to good to be true
he's been kicked out accused of doping...


landodlip said...

how have you actually done these pics as they are so perfect in their dimensions.
are they all water colours.
and where have you taken the original shots from video or photo?
i really admire your work

rob ijbema said...

not to sure about perfect landodlip.
i like to work with suggested details.
i get my images from all over the place,tv.magazins,internet etc
thanks for the tums up

landodlip said...

well there near to perfect or too the extent that icould tell or even recognise some of the original images.

rob ijbema said...

hehe,you must spend a lot of time on youtube

Anonymous said...