Friday, 18 July 2008

Franck Schleck

acrylic on paper 5x7"sold

Shirt open,tongue out of his mouth,fighting up the mountains,that is Franck Schleck.
Luxembourg's national champion is our best hope for some excitement.
expect him and his team CSC to go for broke in the Alps...


Dianne Mize said...

I could kick myself for missing this as it was in the making. I'd been wondering what you were up to. WELL, this is great stuff. You really were there, weren't you. It comes off as if you were there. And the paintings are magnificent. I keep going back and forth among them as if I had to choose which one I like best. Really good stuff, Rob!

rob ijbema said...

well i try and make it as hard as possible for you to choose dianneby making them as different as i can.
yes i'm smack in the middle of it,
listening to dutch radio covering the tour while i'm painting.
thanks for your encouraging words dianne...they keep me pushing!

Chicago auto insurance said...

Schleck really did make the tour exciting that year. Great painting.

Anonymous said...