Sunday, 27 July 2008

Bernhard Kohl

acrylic on paper 5x7" sold

Couldn't leave out Berni ofcourse...King of the Mountains,he did an excellent time trial to finish third overall,he is going to be mega next year.


student loan said...
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Dianne Mize said...

Well, Rob, you've got yourself a fantastic little series here. Each little painting is by itself wonderful. I would love to see the entire set exhibited together on a gallery wall. So, what's next?

rob ijbema said...

don't know yet dianne
it is summer holidays for the kids
so playing with them will be fun
maybe a bit of plein air
we'll see
anyway thanks for your continious support Dianne,every bid helps!

rob ijbema said...

kohl cought,schumacher cought...who's next????

bike locks said...

Great image of the polka dot jersey. Really inspiring painting.

Anonymous said...