Saturday, 26 July 2008


acrylic on paper 5x7" sold

So nice guys do finish first!
Carlos Sastre couldn't have won the 2008 tour without his team CSC
but he still had to climb that Alpe d'Heuz and time the trial...
Did you know his fanclub is in Belgium?
they knew it all the way!
Enjoy the Champs-Elysees everyone!


649 lotto results said...
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Pablo Díaz said...

And the multicolored serpent arrived to Paris, and with her, Sastre become legend of the Tour :)

rob ijbema said...

yes what are we going to do now?
thamks pablo it was great having you around

rob ijbema said...

btw you spanish are having a great summer!
the tour,wimbledon and ofcourse the football

Pablo Díaz said...

And the Giro d´Italia too, hehe. Thanks, Spanish are unstoppable. And next week the Olimpic Games.

rob ijbema said...

NOT going to paint that!
rather do Tibet...

Anonymous said...