Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Giro 2010,Passo del Basso

acrylic on paper 7x10"
what a spectacular scene for the final of this years wonderful Giro d'Italia!
winner Basso and his Liquigas lieutenants descending the snow capped Passo del Tonale



Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

Anonymous said...
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Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Rob
Really like your freshness of style and movement in this blog.
Not really a follower of cycling but I really appreciate this work.
All the best

Kirby said...

Wow, nice paintings, haven't tried acrylic yet. I'm more into oil and watercolor.

I watch the tour d'italia it was awesome. I was rooting for Evans but I guess Basso got the best of him. I think Bassos posture on the bike lent him to peddle more efficient especially up the hills. It seemed he was more on top of the peddles than Evans was. Evans had to get out of the saddle a lot. That and Basso had a great team to help him out.


rob ijbema said...

thanks trevor
its not what but how you piant it

rob ijbema said...

yes kirby
evans is leaning more forward
where vbasso is straight above the peddales and much smoother

Anonymous said...
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Craig Ryan said...

Sorry I haven't commented sooner, but I want you to know I think you are doing a very unique, interesting, and great "thing" with your blog. Keep up the good work, lots of people must be enjoying it!

jeannette said...

I love the painting approach you took in this one!

rob ijbema said...

thank you graig
comments like yours keep me going!

rob ijbema said...

cheers jeannette
it is the only way i know!

nasagoes said...

I absolutely love this painting. Not just that I am a Basso fan, but also the way you relive the scenes. Would it by any chance that I can purchase this painting (if I can afford it) ?

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

PJ said...

Great paintings - can feel the motion. Don't really follow cycling, but these really make me feel a part of the action.