Friday, 10 July 2009

etappe 8+9

acrylic on paper 6x9" sold

the Pyrenees' stages 8 and 9 were very similar,
exciting finishes
but not much excitement from the main contenders.
ok Schleck and Evans both had a little dig...very little...
and the green jersey changed shoulders
but for me the winner was the scenery
here the riders going down the legendary Tourmalet


René PleinAir. said...

Unbelievable what a depth, ... Really Rob like.


rob ijbema said...

thank you rene,
plein air experience really helped with this

Pablo said...

This Tour is disappointing me.

For me, the best thing till now has been the brave family of snails that was crossing the road in the today stage, defying the peloton.

brian eppley said...

What a great gig painting the tour! I'm envious. The alps should prove exciting, Mont Ventoux will be the difference. What a mountain!!!

rob ijbema said...

yes pablo,i know what you mean,
they arranged everything for the last week,last but one day really...not enough mountain finishes
did those snails have radio,they were nuts!

rob ijbema said...

don't be jealous brian,it is all just hard work,hehe
you are right ventoux is going to be something else!

Anonymous said...