Friday, 11 July 2008

stage 5

acrylic on paper 10x5" sold

All blue at the front,
the High Road Columbia team setting up Mark Cavendish for the sprint at the finish of stage 5,
he won!


René PleinAir. said...

Wowowowowoowow what a great idea!

And lovely work as well, this one's my favo, for now.

rob ijbema said...

yes don't choose yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Your work is great, do you work on a bigger scale. This painting in particular would work really well on a grand scale.
I love the colours and the way you use them, so quick and fluid giving a great sense of movement.

Good stuff

How much do your paintings sell for?

Steve C

rob ijbema said...

hi Steve,thanks for the great compliments,i did these small so i could do one study a day,also this subject is new to me,like with my car paintings i can go up to 30x40"
for prices please send me a e mail to

Anonymous said...